CSR policy

Actively committed since its inception, Up group has always affirmed its values and has demonstrated that its responsibility was not limited to making a profit, on the contrary. For Up group, being responsible means combining democratic governance, creation of wealth, well-being at work, close ties to civil society and environmental protection. 

Within the group, the CSR department ensures a monitoring role that is attentive to the group’s markets. It supports subsidiaries in handling and balancing the ‘5Ps’, a term for the five essential variables on which the group’s strategy, “Up 2018”, is based. 

Although the highest levels of the company, the Chairmanship and a strongly engaged team, are promoting this commitment, it can only be implemented through the involvement of its 2,685 employees!

Up 2018

Pursuing an ambitious results objective in order to ensure the future of the company and to reach optimal relationships with our clients and beneficiaries.

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Proximity Program

Be close to suppliers, to the partners of the group and to civil society as a whole; estimate the Group’s accountability toward these stakeholders and the form in which it could be implemented.

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Pilot Program

Consolidate a unique cooperative model which both reinforces the dynamics of cooperation through broader participation of employees in equity, and is demonstratively bold in its approach to innovation.

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People Program

Developing the group’s employees’ skills, reinforcing equality of opportunities and pricing social dialogue.

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Planet Program

Measure the impact of the group’s activities on the environment and act accordingly in the interest of future generations.

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Catherine Candella, Directrice RSE

Catherine Candella,
Director of CSR

“A verb manual is not enough to be able to conjugate your verbs. This grammar should be practiced in all subsidiaries with their different sizes, different contexts and different activities. The prime responsibility of CSR is therefore to bring on board and support all of our subsidiaries in handling the 5Ps, adapting to them without altering the Chairmanship’s expectations.

Free and mandatory approaches are set by the executive for each ‘P’. CSR management's second responsibility is therefore to assist the Board in the search for consistency between the different 'Ps' and our affiliates’ practices.

We are obviously not the only group wanting to make a profit, retain our employees, engage in commendable actions and defend the environment. The question is to know what our clients and employees expect in all our countries. Between requirements and innovations, CSR management’s purpose is to encourage all our subsidiaries in pioneer practices beyond regulatory obligations.

Lastly, CSR management’s final mission is to make known what we are doing and to be proud of it. In order to achieve this, it will be collecting non-financial data from all the group’s subsidiaries and highlighting all of their actions, including in the annual report published each year on the group’s website in French, English and Spanish.”