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Catherine Coupet


2015, the year of transformation


The year 2015 marks the entry of our group into a new phase of development. It concretely illustrates this new innovation dynamic serving social progress and individual well-being in daily life, whether employee or citizen.

This has resulted in strengthening our cooperative model which, more than ever, faced with the excesses of a profoundly unequal economy, demonstrates its relevance and its success that benefits everyone. The cooperative structure guarantees in the long term that decisions are made correctly, and that employees are directly involved in the success of the company. We will gradually expand our cooperative principles within the various subsidiaries of the group. This process has already been implemented in France, with the merger of three subsidiaries within the cooperative.

At a time where the digital technology boom offers a great opportunity to boost social innovation, it is up to our group to integrate and anticipate new needs and new uses in order to invent tomorrow’s services, closer to people, simpler, and increasingly shared.

This momentum we have entered will enable us to offer dematerialized services in all our geographies by 2016, and to generate 75% of our volume in digital form by 2018.

In Order To Achieve Our Ambitions And Encourage Innovation In All Its Forms, We Have Decided To Marshal All The Resources Available To Us:

by mobilizing out in-house collective intelligence by offering an innovation approach to our staff.

by a genuine co-development strategy that includes our stakeholders in our transformation: partnering merchants, client companies, group employees and users of our products.

by speeding up our open innovation approach with calls for projects, creating and supporting start-up incubators and through a proactive investment policy to support future digital players.

We are enthusiastically embracing this new momentum. It is driving our success and will further increase our commitment to serve well-being and social progress. Up is now moving on several continents and uniting a growing community with a demand for value-added services.

This positive momentum is generating growth, and once again shows that while successfully completing our transformation, our group is demonstrating daily that a different view of business is possible and can be exported, a view based on sharing, civic engagement and responsibility.