For 50 years, Up group has made every effort to revitalize the economic and social fabric of all its areas of operation. As part of a comprehensive process of corporate social responsibility (CSR), this policy includes responsible purchasing across the group. 

Up group’s CSR policy encompasses the entire value chain of its products and services. This translates into a resolve to establish and develop fair practices vis-à-vis its suppliers and customers, the priority stakeholders of the group. The group obtained its first ISO 9001 certification in France in 1998, and since then has continued to improve and fine-tune its policy. 

To improve procurement practices, both CSR and Human Resources Senior management are developing their action following two guidelines:
- focusing on short circuits for raw materials supply;
- encouraging purchases from the sheltered sector. 

As concerns paper supplies, Up group highlights products from local manufacturing. In France, the group’s initiatives were rewarded on 22 April 2013 with the Origine France Garantie label awarded by the Association Pro France and the auditing body Bureau Veritas Certification. 

As concerns voucher products, the group has the highest level of security in the market. In fact, the group also gained its first ISO 27001 certification in Romania in 2011. The group also addresses awareness-building messages to its recipients via inserts about its products, to encourage more responsible behavior.

In support of the sheltered sector, Up group set up the “Diversity” mission  in 2013 within the group’s Human Resources Department, in order to assist affiliates in their disability policy. In France, the group is working with the Agefiph (Association for the management of the Fund for the vocational integration of disabled persons) by signing a partnership agreement for the period 2013-2015. This agreement is a foundation for working with the sheltered sector, and includes plans to increase purchases from this sector by 5% per year.

This approach is developed in a spirit of permanent dialog between Up group and various stakeholders, with a view to building a genuine value chain together.

Catherine Candella, Directrice RSE

Catherine Candella,
Director of CSR

“Our mission is, with everyone who is involved in the Group, to examine the concept of procurement through the prism of the group’s five key values : solidarity procurement, fair purchasing, innovative purchasing, enterprising purchasing and engaged purchasing.

The objective is to develop a Charter of Commitment drafted collectively by the purchasers of the group. This Charter will be available locally in all our geographies, depending on the context, so as to build a responsible procurement policy for each country in turn.”